No agreement to leave the European Union, really Yingxiang Johnson, prepare for civil servants

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to the civil servants today, saying that Britain will leave the European Union on October 31, and ask civil servants to make preparations for “no priority” in response to no agreement. task.

Johnson said in the letter that although he tends to reach an agreement with the EU, “in any case,” the UK will definitely leave the EU on October 31.

Johnson said in the letter that although he “very hopes” to have an agreement to leave the EU, “I realize that this may not happen.” “This is why emergency and rapid response may occur without agreement. It is my highest priority. The task is also the top priority of the public servant.”

Government officials’ summer vacations also ended early, allegedly the government’s special advisers received an email from Johnson & Johnson consultant Eddie Lister yesterday asking them not to take leave until October 31.

Sajid Javid wrote a letter to the HM Revenue and Customs earlier this month to convey a similar message. He instructed to prepare for a non-agreement to leave the EU “absolutely the top priority”, including ensuring that the system is in place and assisting the company and the public in preparing for it.

While Johnson & Johnson is preparing for a non-agreement to leave the European Union, Members have also reportedly resorted to blocking. They may move a no-confidence motion to Johnson and Johnson, pull the government down, and hold elections in advance to prevent unofficial exchanges.

If Congress casts a no-confidence motion on Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson’s odds are unpredictable, because after the House of Representatives’ by-election in the House of Commons, the Conservative Party lost, and most of the current advantages are left.

John McDonnell, the shadow of the Labor Party in the wild, said that after the recession of Congress on September 3, the Labor Party “almost bound” would propose a motion of no confidence.

According to the law, if the majority of the members voted to pass the no-confidence case, they must elect to reorganize the government, but there must be at least 25 working days between the dissolution of the parliament and the election. Some people are worried that Johnson & Johnson may be in the absence of an agreement to leave the European Union.

“Sunday Telegraph” reported that Johnson & Johnson’s chief aide, Dominic Cummings, said that even if a member of the House of Representatives pulled the government down through a vote of no confidence, it would not be able to prevent the UK from leaving the EU because the Johnson & Johnson could be arranged in October. After the Brexit deadline on the 31st, a general election will be held.

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