Huawei looking for Android replacement products 360,000 tablets trial Russian Aurora

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As Huawei was hit by the US ban, two sources told Reuters that the Chinese telecommunications company began to negotiate with Russia to install on the 360,000 flats of the Russian census next year. Russian operating system Aurora.

After Washington’s inclusion of Huawei’s “Entity List” threatened to disrupt its access to important US parts and technology, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker has been looking for Google’s Android operations. A replacement for the system.

The first source said: “This is a pilot project. We regard it as the first phase of the Russian operation system on Huawei equipment.”

A Huawei spokesperson said that it is negotiating with the Russian Ministry of Communications, but did not provide other details.

Huawei is discussing with Russia that it will be equipped with 360,000 Huawei flat panels in August next year, carrying Aurora, the only local operating system in Russia that does not currently provide public use. The second source said: “Huawei is interested in this project and provides a sample of the flats that can be used.”

Huawei said last week that US trade restrictions may cause the smart phone division to shrink by $10 billion this year. The Chinese telecom company is also stepping up its own operating system to prepare for the worst case of not being able to use the Android basic application. .

Aurora is owned by Russia’s state-owned telecommunications operator Rostelecom and is the only one to buy flat-panel for the 147 million census of Russia in October next year.

Rostelecom responded to Reuters’s request for comment through a letter: “With the participation of the Ministry of Communications, we are now considering several options for cooperation with Huawei… but because of the confidentiality agreement, we will not announce the details now.”

A spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Communications declined to respond.

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