Huang Zhifeng was arrested and the Malaysian netizen called a good scholar: the CCP’s brainwashing is a sinner

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Hong Kong Zhongzhi Secretary-General Huang Zhifeng was arrested by the Hong Kong police on the 30th, and many Chinese messages appeared on the Chinese website in Malaysia. Scholars analyzed that the Malaysian Chinese netizens have been influenced by the CCP information in the past few years. They believe that the CCP is equal to China, and Huang Zhifeng, who stands on the opposite side of the CCP, is a sinner.

After Huang Zhifeng’s arrest was reported to Malaysia, both the Malay and English-language media were inclined to deal with it coldly, without any repercussions, and no human rights groups issued a protest statement.

It is worth noting that as the Chinese media reported on the relevant news, almost all netizens commented on the applause. They believed that the Chinese government finally exercised “justice” to rectify the social order in Hong Kong and hoped that the Hong Kong government could continue to escalate its arrest and kill chickens and monkeys.

Only a few people in the Malaysian social media believe that the Hong Kong government’s practices are not in line with democratic procedures, but these messages have attracted more people to attack, thinking that this idea is brainwashed by Western hypocritical democratic values.

Although this is a portrayal of the Malaysian netizens’ treatment of Hong Kong’s anti-delivery demonstrations, in fact, four years ago, Huang Zhifeng once flew to Penang and wanted to refuse entry from the Malaysian government when he held the Hong Kong “Umbrella Movement” sharing meeting in Malaysia. At that time, many netizens flocked to the dictatorship of the Malaysian government.

When many Malaysians were dissatisfied with the then prime minister, Najib Razak, almost every year there were tens of thousands of people participating in the “Bersih” demonstrations. Therefore, human rights groups hope to invite Huang Zhifeng to share Hong Kong demonstrations in Malaysia. The experience is to let the Malaysian government achieve a cleaner and more transparent election.

Today, compared with the attitude of Ma Guoyou, who is now treating Huang Zhifeng, Zhuang Renjie, a researcher at Ma Guohua Research Center, said that when the news of Huang Zhifeng’s arrest was heard, many netizens posted a message, mainly reflecting the long-term influence of the Chinese Communist Party’s mainstream and the Chinese culture. Lack of awareness.

He believes that Huang Zhifeng is only a new node under this long-term pulse. Since the CCP has long dominated public opinion, many people invisibly favor the CCP, arguing that the CCP is equal to China, and China is equal to the entire Chinese culture and nation. Therefore, at present, the Malaysian Chinese people are dissatisfied with the dissidents who criticize the CCP. They think that their anti-CCP is equal to anti-China, and anti-China is equivalent to anti-Chinese culture and nation.

Zhuang Renjie analyzed and saw the netizens’ comments on Huang Zhifeng’s arrest. It reflects that the Malaysian government has long lacked the Confucian idea of ​​“pushing oneself and others”. It can be tolerant to those who disagree with themselves, but not for dissidents who have conflict with the Chinese Communist Party. tolerate.

He believes that from another perspective, these views also reflect the culture of the people. Many traditions like the dualism of good and evil. They believe that the CCP and its supporters are good people, and that they stand on the opposite side of the bad guys. Therefore, in the eyes of most Chinese people in Malaysia, Huang Zhifeng, who stands on the opposite side of the Chinese Communist Party, is almost a sinner of Chinese culture, but this is not true.

Zhuang Renjie added that this Hong Kong’s anti-send campaign and the 2014 umbrella movement and Taiwan’s sunflowers are all inspired by the mirror, inspiring people to inspire demonstrations and how to define values ​​such as freedom and democracy. And discussion, while also consolidating and affirming people’s recognition of liberal democracy.

However, Zhuang Renjie also pointed out that many ignorance and ignorance can be seen from the reaction of Malaysian netizens. For example, speech is based on wrong knowledge and information, public ignorance and blind obedience about fake news, and ignorance of rumors. The democratic quality of Malaysian netizens remains to be seen. Upgrade.

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