Thailand’s strong rise in tourism industry in Thailand does not implement tourism tax this year

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The Thai government was originally prepared to levy a tourist tax on visiting foreign tourists at the end of this year. Each person will not exceed 100 baht. However, due to the strong appreciation of the Thai baht, it has already affected the tourism industry. The Thai government has decided not to levy a tourist tax this year.

Chote Trachu, executive director of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, said in a forum in May that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is discussing the way to collect tourist taxes with Naresuan Univerity and the Office of Insurance Commission. The impact on the tourism industry will be minimized as much as possible.

Jut said at the time that the study was about half a year, mainly discussing how much money should be levied and how to collect it. According to the preliminary plan, each passenger will not be charged more than 100 baht, which is calculated based on the number of passengers who arrived in Thailand last year. It can be collected to 3.8 billion baht.

However, the recent strong appreciation of the Thai baht has affected Thailand’s tourism industry. The Bangkok Post reported that Zhu Te said on September 4 that the taxation of tourism may hurt Thailand’s tourism industry, and the recent strong Thai baht. Therefore, this year will not be implemented.

The Bangkok Post pointed out that due to the strength of the Thai baht, the number of trips to China from Thailand in the first seven months of this year fell by 3.3% to 6.63 million, but the Thai government has announced the inclusion of 19 countries including China and India. In the area of ​​landing signing free measures, Jut believes that the second quarter of this year’s sightseeing guests will rise.

The Thai government originally estimated that the number of visitors to Thailand in 2019 will exceed 40 million. However, due to the strength of the Thai baht, the number of visitors to the country has declined this year. Recently, the Thai government has lowered the number of tourists to this year to 39.9 million.

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